Medical Adviser for Anesthesia/メディカルアフェアーズ急性期・病院製品領域


エリア 東京都千代田区
職種 ドクター
雇用形態 正社員 / 契約社員
給与 650万円-1500万円程度想定(前職考慮)
仕事内容 This role will report to Executive Director of Acute Care and Hospital.
Prepare and implement country medical/scientific strategy (Country Medical Affairs Plan,CMAP)
Identify medical evidence needs and develop/lead local data generation concepts to maximize the scientific value of products in line with the CMAP,present at academic conference and generate publication.
Review study protocols from scientific and strategic viewpoints
Generate medical insights by peer-to-peer discussions with scientific leaders
Stay up-to-date on latest scientific and clinical trends by interactions with scientific leaders,conference visits and an profound knowledge of current scientific literature
Responsible for executing medical activities(e.g.identification of scientific leaders,creation of a scientific platform,organization of advisory board,if necessary)
Respond to scientific exchange with HCP
In-house medical expert responsibilities:
Medical review of promotional materials
Support Professional Information Request(PIR)and Medical Information
Educate and inspire medical affairs team members to have high scientific & ethically compliant standards
Provide internal medical advice and expertise to other departments
Be the central contact point for the global medical teams and other global stakeholders
Lead medical meeting to increase collaboration and align the strategic intend of the franchise
Present scientific content to top management and other stakeholders
応募資格 Required Qualifications:
2-5 years of clinical experience in Japanese/foreign institution,with at least 2 year of formal training at major area in surgery of anesthesiology, a researcher(Ph.D.),pharmacist or M.D.
Profound scientific knowledge and ability to grasp scientific topics quickly and explain those in a logic and understandale manner
Teamplayer and Communicator with proactive,confident and positive personality with ambition to lead and drive topics forward
In addition to the basic clinical knowledge/experience,have strong desire to learn new areas and have a flexible mindset Creative,innovative,solution-oriented strategist
Well balanced judgement regarding compliance with highly ethical min
English proficiency:Able to communicate with international counterparts on a business level.TOEIC700+or equivalent in both read/write and listen/speak
Desired Qualifications:
Pharmacist,Ph.D.or M.D.
Experience in laparoscopic surgery
Prior experience in pharmaceutical industry,preferable in
Medical Affairs/Clinical development/Marketing
Experience in leading a cross-functional team with/without direct report line
Working experience in an international team
Working experience outside Japan
Presentation at international congress
Published articles peer-reviewed international journal

現在募集中のHIV Medical Adviserと同じ部署ですが、担当業務(領域)が異なります。
麻酔科のMedical Adviserポジションですが、週3日の契約社員でもOKです。
掲載期間 随時募集中


企業名 MSD株式会社
住所 東京都千代田区九段北一丁目13番12号 北の丸スクエア
事業内容 MSDが販売および販売提携を行う医療用医薬品および医療機器の